All The Right Spices, In All The Right Places

One of my favourite dishes to make and will make again in the near future, flatten Jerk Chicken.  Jerk chicken is all about the spices, if you ever had the dish before you would know it’s a bold dish. It’s aromatic, flavourful and delights all senses of a good palette. Plus, with this dish it has a heat to the seasoning sauce so a warning goes out if you don’t like any heat don’t use the peppers in the video. You can find the recipe video under the header, recipe videos or click the name for the direct link to the video.

In the video, they show you how to cut the chicken to flatten it but you can always go to a butcher shop and ask them to do it for you, that’s

Cave Spring Pinot Gris

what I did because well the idea kinda creeped me out.

Now with some dishes you want to find something that is bold in a wine but compliments the dish but in this case the dish is such a bold blend of spices the wine needs to be less noticeable and play in the background of the flavours. This dish has has sweet, savoury and heat how can you find something that can pair with all that? Well, go with the sweet. Sweet spices are one of the easier tastes to pair when mixed with a combination. My recommendation of wine would be a nice, cold Pinot Gris.

Pinot Gris wines are called the “orange wines” due to the dark yellow colour they are when bottled and when the name is translated into English it means “Grey Pinecone”.  The flavour undertones you can taste range from ripe tropical fruit notes like melon and mango.

The VQA wine that I found was a hit with the dish was, Cave Spring Pinot Gris. It had the hints of melon and sweetness but also of thyme which is a spice used in the dish, so that was a nice surprise.

*Try the dish with the recommendation and let me know what you think in the comments below*

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9 thoughts on “All The Right Spices, In All The Right Places

  1. Cassie says:

    While I’m not a wine person or one that likes spicy food for that matter. This post has actually made me want to try both to see if the combination ends up better than each on their own.

    If I find time to make and try I’ll be letting you know the results for sure!

  2. A bit about me: Jerk Chicken is one of my favourites as well and I have no idea what wine goes with what dish.
    Your blog is great for solving that problem. And you’ve done a great job with the look and theme to it too!

  3. karlee kandilas says:

    In my undergrad, we had to take three courses based on wine knowledge and food pairings. Your blog has inspired me to get out there and expand my knowledge of what I already know to try new and unpredictable combinations.

  4. Being a huge fan of wine, this sounds great!
    I really appreciate being able to properly pair, because just looking at what the bottle says doesn’t always cut it- it’s nice to have someone’s opinion.

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