Caprese Portobello Stuffed Mushroom

I did a very quick and easy recipe this week and this by far was the easiest. It was simple to make but was delicious though it was a mushroom dish!! Mushrooms has always been a weird vegetable for me, I can’t stand them raw but sliced and diced with the right spices and you’ve got me sold. So, to my wine friends who love a good mushroom dish, here’s to you! “Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushroom” will be a smash low carb hit for any dinner, but again the question to ask what will pair with such meal?

Well, mushrooms are usually paired with white wines but we are dealing with the king of mushrooms, portobello. It is usually called the vegetarian steak, it’s hearty and flavourful. With steak the golden rule is to find a nice red wine but in the recipe we

Open Merlot

have another strong key flavour, the balsamic reduction that’s drizzled on top. Luckily, with a balsamic reduction it takes a lot of the acidity out and leaves you with a bit more of a sweet taste that pairs well with a red wine. But wait a minute, there are so many reds what kind will be the preferred one?

Well, for me I figured if the balsamic goes with a red I’ll go back to the portobello mushroom and it’s like a steak. So,  what wine do I like having with my steak, that would be a merlot.

I would recommend the Open VQA Merlot, it’s a well balanced and medium-bodied, which if your not a big red fan it is not to over powering in tannins. It has a crisp tastes than a bitter taste, that you usually fine in full-bodied reds.  It is available at the LCBO or The Wine Rack stores.

*Try the recipe and pairing at home and let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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