Into the World of the Writer


Jessica Taylor.

My name is Jessica and I’m a 27 year old, so-called “foodie” and a “wineie” in training. My life these days seems to revolve around food and my passion for the wines from my hometown region of Niagara and I thought it was time to combine my loves. I love to entertain friends and family and at my house the wine is plentiful and the food is delicious.

I was born and raised in the Niagara region, in a city called St. Catharines. I’m currently studying PR at Niagara College in Welland. My first study was in Tourism Management at Seneca College in Toronto. After graduating from Seneca, I worked in Toronto for a few years, I decided to travel. I traveled mostly in the United States and a few European countries, but my gypsy soul couldn’t resist where my heart laid.

Now back in the Niagara, in my spare time I tour the country side of the region, where award-winning and delicious wineries can be found. When tasting the wines at the wineries, you can enjoy food pairings at the restaurants located on site. Trust me, I take full advantage in learning what pairs well with the wines. Each dish is better than the last and so when I have the wine again at home, I’ll try to recreate that recipe.

The challenge is that I see all over social media platforms, these easy to do recipes and wonder are they really that easy? So, I’m excited to start this challenge and learn new international cuisine and finding the perfect Niagara wine that goes with it.

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