A Cream Filled Matcha Dessert has a Surprising Pairing

There is a first for everything! In my household, me baking in the kitchen is not one of them. I love the sweet aroma that fills the whole space but it was a first for using green tea and a first for creating something that has a filing.  I’ve never made a dessert with a filing, it was a scary thought.

So, I decided to battle my fear and make a cream filled dessert and how could I not love making  matcha green tea muffins. So for my fellow caffeine friends, this one is for you! It is sweet with vanilla and sugar but has that tangy lemon and ginger zest that green tea offers.  If you like lots of sugar in your tea, you can also use a light vanilla frosting to top off your dessert but I recommend the sugar topping as seen in the video. The filing is rich and creamy, almost like a custard, it demolishes all worries I had before of cream filled desserts.

Inniskillin’s Riesling Icewine

The recipe video was easy to follow and I think I will make some new baked goods with a cream filing. My only advice is be a good time keeper. I found if you left the muffins in too long the cream filing became thick and if taken out early, the muffin didn’t cook all the way through.

Now, with sweets can wine be paired? Well it can here, in the Niagara region, with our delicious ice-wine. Just like with wines, ice-wines has many different flavours in both red and white. To find a ice-wine that suits a unique dessert like the muffins, you find one that compliments the lemon and ginger zest of the green tea. I found that Inniskillin’s  Riesling Icewine can add a zeal of sweet but undertone of lemon to taste of the dessert.

*Try the recipe and pairing at home and let me know what you think in the comments below.